our vision:

Contribute to a sustainable world with assured performance of Airborne Wind Energy Tethers


My name is Rigo Bosman and I am a fiber and rope application expert with a long standing experience in the fiber industry by working for AKZO NOBEL fibers, Acordis Industrial fibers, Diolen Polyester fibers and DSM Dyneema. As a glider pilot I am passionate about being airborne. In Airborne Wind Energy (AWE) the electrical energy is generated by means of transfering kinetic energy from cross wind flying kites and airplanes to a winch connected to an electrical generator. In developing the application of the AWE ropes/tethers my professional expertise in fiber ropes and the passion for gliding come together. This is the starting point of RIGO ROPES. 

With RIGO ROPES we want to contribute to make Airborne Wind Energy feasible with respect to extended tether operational lifetimes and risk reduction of tether failure. With RIGO ROPES we make our experience available to this  upcoming industry  and at the same time we like to be able to contribrute to a new appoach of harvesting sustainable wind energy. A humble step with respect to climate change but a big step for RIGO ROPES.

Being active in the AWE community for over the last 10 years, many methods and devices can be put in place to enhance overall reliability of your AWE system. Contact RIGO ROPES and benefit from our services.



Rigo Bosman, glider pilot and AWE rope/tether expert


RIgo inspects tether and tether path of SkySails AWE system PN14 on Mauritius (December 2021)